Final Warning Oct 2018 Yellowstone Volcano Eruption! Experts Discuss Warning Signs Of Eruption P2

Final Warning Oct 2018 Yellowstone Volcano Eruption! Experts Discuss Warning Signs Of Eruption P2

March 13, 2019 0 By NEWS CHANNEL DC

Been largely ignored by the media out of fears of panic to society these earthquake swarms along the fault lines have been accompanied by increased volcanism with more than a dozen active volcanoes along the Ring of Fire boundary and others threatening large eruptions such as a 10,000 foot mountain Agong.

In Indonesia where thousands of people have been evacuated with the highest threat level issued so the big question is what is this all leading to most should all remember the destructive events of 2011 when large earthquakes set up a series of deadly tsunamis which wiped out entire coastal areas across the Indian and Western Pacific basins before that event occurred very similar signals began appearing with several months of intense earthquake swarms in volcanoes across the entire plate boundary this cycle seems to repeat itself over and over and there are strong indications looking.

At all the evidence around the planet that the events that are occurring now may be leading to something much larger this information is not meant as fear-mongering but to inform society of the truth of.

What is occurring around our world and to warn of much more serious events that may come we must as a global collective stand together during these challenging times and stay informed of what is happening around the planet and.

Not allow fear and greed to rule our world just as we are changing the earth is in a constant state of change and we must either adapt and get smarter about our actions or disappear just like the past civilizations before us you know all the scientific thoughts that we’ve been given things that we were told were this is how things are and then we constantly.

Find it’s just not the case Yellowstone supervolcano may have formed in a.

Completely different way to what we have thought so the whole thought of this being a mantle plume that rolls from you know down around Baja California and goes straight up through California Nevada Utah up into Yellowstone Park and Wyoming.

You know it might be something totally different than it’s going on here and it might not actually be.

A plume at all so as it turns out the Yellowstone supervolcano and Wyoming may have formed in.

A entirely different way than previously thought and this is according to a brand-new study published in.

The journal Nature Geoscience researchers from Virginia Tech found evidence to suggest that a vast slab of oceanic crust or oceanic plate wedged itself under the western portion of the North American continent around 30 million.

Years ago breaking into pieces in the Earth’s mantle this process eventually led to volcanic activity on the surface and formation of a long dormant super volcanoes a large volcano that has an eruption magnitude of 8 or more the highest value on the volcanic explosive index the newly proposed idea directly contradicts the long-held view that Yellowstone was produced by a plume of.

Magma rising up in the Earth’s core through rifts or weak spots weak regions in the crust this is known as.

The plume model a team led by Yin Joe a theoretical seismologist at Virginia Tech’s Department of geosciences so x-ray like images of the Earth’s deep interior u. array underground observe observatory funded by the national science if ik foundation and the scientists used a technique known as diffraction tomography which enabled them to essentially see subterranean structures using waves created by tectonic movements when these occurs seismometers at the u. array picked up the vibrations and this data was then processed to create an image of what lies beneath the grounds this is the first time the new.

Imaging theory has been applied to this type of seismic data which allowed us to see anomalous structures in the Earth’s mantle that would otherwise not been resolved.

By using traditional methods.

The Yellowstone supervolcano is a caldera it’s a large hollow that’s formed when a volcano collapses.

After a large eruption in the case of Yellowstone the caldera which measures approximately 30 by 45 miles that’s.

Huge was formed approximately six hundred and thirty thousand years ago following a cataclysmic eruption that lava Creek the yellowstone caldera forms part of a wider region of.

Volcanic activity known as the.

Yellowstone hotspot tract which comprises a line of calderas extending across Oregon Idaho and Wyoming so it’s been moving in moving eastward as we have seen most volcanoes are found on the boundaries of tectonic plates but this volcanic hotspot is located right in the middle of North American plate previously the plume model has been used to.

Explain the location of the Yellowstone hotspot tract but the researchers found no evidence for this in the latest study if the.

North American plate was moving slowly over a fixed plume at Yellowstone it will displace older volcanoes towards the Oregon Idaho border and form a line of volcanoes but such a deep loom has.

Not been found and that’s exactly what you have in.

Hawaii it’s definitely a plume and you could see the whole line as it trails and you can even see the angle as I’ve spoken about before where all of a sudden it veers to the east and that many think is indicative of crustal displacement.

And a pole shift where the crust actually slips in that case about probably almost 90 degrees instead the anomalous geological structure they found which was located about 250 to.

400 miles beneath the supervolcano followed the path of the track this indicated that when the oceanic plate known as the fer ellen plate broke into pieces a section of a tore off and sank deep down into the earth this sinking section gradually pushed hot materials upwards to form.

The supervolcano the next step for the researchers is to increase the resolution of x-ray like.

Images and to recreate the fragmentation of the gigantic oceanic plate and test different scenarios of how magma systems fed deals don’t hotspot so yeah when.

You think of what Velikovsky was talking about.

You know worlds in collision Velikovsky definitely was.

Of crustal displacement and as well as Hapgood and so these gigantic plate movements are not necessarily always by what we classify as standard plate tectonics but really crustal displacements where you have like whole sections of consonants that might be too 3,000 feet above sea level and then boom drops straight down and become you know at the bed of an ocean that’s the type of thing that that’s talking about but this is interesting because this just points to the fact that once again what we’re taught to be the truth yeah is sometimes proven and.

Often proven to be whoops we were wrong we told you it was this way but you know what it wasn’t this way after all so it’s probably this now and maybe that’s wrong but we shall see hopefully hopefully we’ll get some solid answers all it does is basically you know it’s just another reason to.

Keep your eyes open and to not necessarily completely believe in anything that you’re reading out there there are some crazy things going on and one of them is this Arctic Lake mysteriously disappearing.

And this is up in Russia it’s baffling geologists and scientists they went on an expedition and they thought they were gonna find a.

Long lake and they found just this dry.

Just a dry reservoir empty totally empty its bottom scarred by cracks and fissures and the lake.

Is gone so and actually this was at least three kilometers.

Long as longest point this is this is not you know something small.

And this is all gone disappeared and they are baffled they don’t know what caused it and over.

Here we have going on monsoon rains apocalyptic lightning and pitch-black clouds as thunder storms batter Britain hailstones the size of golf balls huge thunderstorm tore across Britain the good news is that.

It’s going to put the current heatwave to an end thankfully and so you can see the size of some of the Hale and Hale has been something that we have seen everywhere.

And there’s several videos here you guys could click on and check them out if you want of course there will be links here as always.

And also what we’ve been talking about Australian drought farmers plea for bullets to put down starving livestock it’s giving that bad now with these extremes that we’re seeing with the extreme weather the extreme heat record heat right we have record heat everywhere now we’ve had record cold we’ve had record snowfall and we’re having record winds we’re having record flooding so all this is adding.

Up to basically it’s adding up to the food.

In danger and it’s starting to get to be obviously serious to many folks now and this this is down in New Zealand and Australia they’re they’re having they’re having issues this is New South Wales farmers claiming a shortage of bullets to euthanize initiated stock it’s horrible an Australian farmer is to call his entire twelve hundred strong flock and give up farming as the drought takes over killing up to ten sheep on his farm every day.

And it’s gonna shoot 1,200 sheet.

It’s just it’s a financial catastrophe it’s just a catastrophe period and you know this this is not just happening down there it’s this is happening all over as we’re gonna see.

And as this says New South Wales farmers desperately seeking.

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