Final Warning Oct 2018 Yellowstone Volcano Eruption! Experts Discuss Warning Signs Of Eruption P2

Final Warning Oct 2018 Yellowstone Volcano Eruption! Experts Discuss Warning Signs Of Eruption P2

March 13, 2019 0 By NEWS CHANNEL DC

Feed from all over Australia as the drought deepens the the bulk handling system has very little grain.

Left in it and a good family member here as well in Missouri was talking to me and she was saying that there’s like some serious price gouging and she’s a farmer and what they want now is like incredible compared to just just a few months ago for four feet I mean it’s going through the roof and this.

Is this is part of what we have been expecting honestly and it’s going to keep increasing and it’s not just in one location bolivia heavy snowfall in bolivia kills 18,000 livestock droughts in one place snowfall and another place two totally different continents the same result is going to be livestock slaughtered and then also a lack of food it’s building is really building and so this heavy snowfall reached 12 inches and they lost.

Thousand head of cattle 80% alpaca 20% llamas in this territory and just an extreme event in this one area over here Santiago de ma my machaca the snowfall reached two feet and that animals died from either the cold or from suffocation as a result of being trapped under.

The snow so extreme conditions and then this adds work we’re looking at the wheat prices and you know yesterday I went to the store it was like all the less expensive bread was like it just was empty the only thing that was there was basically all your most expensive organic stuff so I’m not sure you know what exactly is starting to hit but yeah there are shortages hitting wheat futures are up almost 29 percent.

In 2018 in a market buoyed by a diminished crop outlook in the US the European Union and Russia buyers have been have stepped up their purchases further in recent days with expectations that prices can climb even higher serious concerns about the crops from the Atlantic to the URLs and their.

Analysts are so so far is focused on Europe and the Black Sea this is enough to change the game French consultancy Oda has lowered its.

Estimate for 2018 s European soft wheat harvest by two hundred and five million bushels for a total production of four point five eight nine billion bushels reductions stem primarily from France Germany Sweden and Denmark and France and Germany we’ve seen tremendous hail tremendous flooding and Sweden we’ve seen the fires and the intense heat.

And Denmark hadn’t really seen too much from Denmark honestly so I’m assuming they probably have also gotten.

The floods that Germany and France that’s gotten as.

Well and so you know this is all just starting Ireland seeing its poorest grain harvest since 1993 German wheat production down fifteen point one percent from last year the licks the list.

And I just want to catch one more thing there this one for you guys this is a massive monster 32 meter wide 50 meter deep crater swallowed up parts of a field in Russia and so this huge crater just opened up in the middle of a field and thank God it wasn’t like in a housing development I can imagine a crater like that size down.

Here and one of the developments in Florida opening up you you would have so many houses just gone sinkholes are a very serious thing scary thing and this thing is 150 feet deep and like 90 plus feet across this is massive and scary yeah so we’re seeing this we’ve seen this in other areas.

As well we have definitely seen this in other areas.

Around the world as well so record high temps we have Shreveport hitting 108 an all-time July record we have Death Valley breaking record as you.

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