Latest On Wwe Crown Jewel: Decision Could Come Today, When Officials To Head To Saudi Arabia & More

Latest On Wwe Crown Jewel: Decision Could Come Today, When Officials To Head To Saudi Arabia & More

March 16, 2019 0 By Pro Wrestling Unlimited

Hey guys it’s Timmy and this is puzzling unlimited with less than two weeks before the big crown jewel event the WWE needs to figure out what they’re gonna do and it looks like they’re not gonna be the ones to make the decision if it’s up to Vince McMahon it looks like he will end up staying and sticking with.

The plan to go to Saudi Arabia now according to PW Insider they are reporting that the first wave of officials are actually set to go to Saudi Arabia for the crown jewels show.

By the end of this week the rest of the crew is scheduled to leave as soon as they’re done.

With their tapings for raw or Smackdown next week now according to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer message board he stated the following it’s no longer up to Vince Vince will never make the decision to not go he’s too far out of touch company is hoping to get word tomorrow if they can still go tomorrow as in today there’s reason tickets are on sale because they’ve been told they may not.

Be allowed to go the reason they’re waiting they’re saying Oh Debbie Debbie he’s not going to make the choice if somebody within the US government tells them they can’t go then they’re not gonna go but if here’s the thing if they’re not told by today then there have to but.
Here’s the thing if they’re not told by today and they’re gonna.

Have to go forward with the show as far as getting everything set up if you remember with the greatest well Rumble they went about week and a half two weeks out to start building and setting up the stage so with that WWE is gonna need to be there this week like.

Within the next day or two to start construction on that I guess you can.

Call it crown jewel stage though as of right now it looks like today may be the cutoff if WWE doesn’t get a hard no from the government they’re going forward Construction is gonna begin and crown jewel will be in Saudi Arabia I know there are multiple reports online saying that they are moving it possibly to a venue in New York City or the New York City area but none of that is confirmed.

As there’s a lot of unconfirmed rumors going around right now and hopefully we can get something by the end of the day but that’s gonna do it for this episode of forest Ling unlimited remember a comment below like and share this video like.

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