Trump Says Saudi Arabia's Arrests In Khashoggi Case Is A 'big Step'

Trump Says Saudi Arabia's Arrests In Khashoggi Case Is A 'big Step'

March 18, 2019 0 By Daily Mail

I will yeah before I start making those statements I’m going to speak to the Crown Prince and I’ve spoken to the king I want to speak with the Crown Prince and you know I think we’re getting close to solving a very big problem your advocacy is huge Congress is very interested in this one and we’ll be working with.

Congress but I would prefer if there is going to be some form of sanction or what we may determine to do if anything because this was a lot of people they’re.

Talking about and people pretty high up but I would prefer that we don’t use as retribution cancelling 110 billion dollars worth of work which means 600,000 jobs I know it sounds easy if it sounds good and a lot of people have said oh let’s just let’s just not sell them a hundred and ten billion or I guess you take it a step further let’s not sell them 450 billion which is the largest order in the history of our country I went there to get.

That order Saudi Arabia was my first stop and everyone thought that was unusual but I said I want to order I went through the order a.

Tremendous amount of stuff Maryland and investing in aerospace and defense well I think it’s a good.

First step it’s a big step it’s a lot of people a lot of people involved and I think it’s a great first step and Saudi Arabia has been a great ally but what happened is unacceptable they have arrested a large number of people and good first step yeah.