Pagico 8: Getting Started Guide

Pagico 8: Getting Started Guide

November 29, 2018 0 By pagico

Welcome to Pasco eight this video is designed to guide you through some of the basic and important functionalities that make magico so unique let’s start by making some simple tasks to create a new task you can click on this button here or use the keyboard shortcut command + T as you can see the built in natural language processing.

Feature will try to automatically set the dates for you when possible but if you want you.

Can also click here to manually set all the different fields let’s save the tasks.

By default things are saved into your inbox which is your capture all place it is designed to quickly store all the small things or things that couldn’t be categorized into projects yet let’s go check it out in addition to individual tasks can also make lists lists can have titles and any number of list items this item is going to also have due dates as well when this happens this list item will be treated as a task.

Which will in turn show up in your dashboard flow chart and other various places throughout.

Pacha group you can reorder list items by dragging and dropping the handle here that’s how easy it is to create tasks and lists now let’s take a look at managing stuff by projects projects are just data containers you can use project for small things such as event planning trip planning or larger scale things such as website design jobs and more you can switch to the project section here and click on this button to create a new project you.

Can use the keyboard shortcut command + n to bring up this dialog for organizational purposes you can tack projects using keywords since projects are data containers they can store all kinds of things tasks lists notes files and many other things let’s create a list first in addition to lists and tasks projects can also contain files and emails to import a file simply drag and drop into the.

View let’s try to import an email message as your database grow over time you will end up with lots of projects so it’s important to tackle projects properly so you can use the built-in tag browser to.

Your ocean of projects besides projects you can also manage contacts you can create a new contact by clicking on this button here or import existing contact information by dropping in from apple contacts app standard vCard format files or CSV files similar to projects contacts are also data containers so it’s a perfect place for you to store context specific tasks notes files and other things now with the ability to manage most projects and.

Contacts in the same app you can actually cross linked projects or tasks with persons let’s create a contact for.

Colleague of mine let’s say that the documentation update project has a few things that involve him to create a link simply right-click on a task and choose Linkwood when a.

Link is created you will be able to jump to the target with a single click alternatively you can quickly set up cross links by using a square bracket syntax at last but not least you will be able to see all the linked items from the target container as your database grows.

You can quickly end up with lots of data scattered everywhere in projects and contacts so it’s important to quickly locate the things you need the most the first feature you want to use is.

The start items list right here in the sidebar as you can see now I have two items one is the project I use very often the other one is the new contact I just created this is like a list of.

Shortcuts when you no longer need it you can easily unstart it from right here another feature that’s designed to help you stay.

Focused on the current day is the today view always one click away the today view gives you a simplified and focused vision of what your.

Current day in here you will see everything that’s scheduled for the current day things that are late and things that are scheduled in near.
Future you can easily prioritize.

Tasks by dragging and dropping since things don’t always go according to plan our plans need to be adaptive so we made it very easy in Pasco for you to reschedule things you can reschedule by simply dragging and dropping tasks across different lists to rehear or you can go to the dashboard and drag and drop on the bars.

Alternatively you can easily snooze using the various available snooze options if you would like to.

Sync data between your computers and/or devices you can do so through the built-in workspace feature think of workspaces as shared folders for your projects and contacts for most people just one workspace is enough to sync data among personal devices to get started you will need to sign up.

For patrocle ID account then once you’re signed in you will see that a workspace called my devices has already been created for you this is a personal workspace that can sync with up to four devices to clarify workspaces are.

For projects and contacts your inbox data will automatically be synced across your devices without any configuration right now this workspace is empty just like an empty shared folder to sync data you need to add projects or contacts to it let’s add my project here once the project is added over here it will be included in data sync and all your devices in the same workspace will.

Have read and write access to it please note that all the projects and contacts are stored locally by default only the ones you add adhere to your workspace will.

Be synced via the cloud when things are being synced you can observe the sync status from sync.

Status area and for mobile devices all you need to do is the same with the same Patrick ID account and you will see your inbox data as well as everything that’s in your workspace on the device and changes main on those devices will be automatically synced back to your patch with database on your.

Computers this concludes our introductory video please visit our help desk website for more tutorial including advanced topics such as the use of tag for projects tagging individual data objects creating contacts collections and setting up practical or.
Teams thank you very much you..