Weekly Horoscope: September 5 – September 11 – Youqueen

Weekly Horoscope: September 5 – September 11 – Youqueen

June 17, 2018 0 By Stephanie Pappas
Hey there guys! It’s time again to take a look at the week ahead and see what the stars hold for your sign. This week is a busy one with a major energy shift coming up. Scroll down to see what your sign can expect!


Jupiter makes a move into Libra this week and the energy shifts to something a bit lighter than what we’ve all been feeling over the last several weeks. Mercury is still in retrograde in Virgo, which is causing a whole lot of problems for some of us, while others are making it through rather unscathed.

I guess how you manage to get through this particular Mercury transit depends a lot on how you handle the little issues the Universe throws at you now. For me, I’ve not been handling them as well as I’d like—However, I must say that I’ve managed to deliver these weekly scopes to you guys on time this week…the monthly’s are another story, but should be up by tomorrow.

Being a Virgo, myself, this whole retrograde, coupled with some crazy weather here in Florida, has got me really out of sorts. I do apologize for delays and such, but I am totally hoping for a full recovery of my senses, I guess you’d say, in the Very near future.

But enough about me! Let’s take a look at what you guys can expect over the next 7 days.



Your mood is rather serious and your thoughts are on important matters as the week starts out, Aries. You can get caught up with needing to know every little detail of any given situation right now, but don’t let yourself get sucked into a position where you are obsessing over things. Your detective side is ready to come out, and that’s ok, just know your limitations and maintain boundaries of how far you’ll go to figure out all of the details.

Later in the week, things are looking up and your mood shifts to one of much more optimism when Jupiter moves into your relationship zone on the 9th. Jupiter in Libra is a great transit for you and one that will work to help expand and grow your relationships over the next 12 months. Venus is already here in this area of your stars, working to balance out your relationships and possibly even bring new relationships into your life that will continue to grow over the next year.

Over the weekend you want to focus on reaching your professional goals and you can have a very commanding kind of energy and presence. You know what you want and you are more than ready to go after it. Be sure to take some time to rest up for the busy week ahead and don’t spend all of your time focusing on work.


The week starts out with you feeling a need to spend some time with those you are close with, Taurus. Your one-on-one relationships can feel a lot more important early in the week and you can strengthen the emotional bonds you share with your partners, both romantic and otherwise. Commitment issues may come up, so think before you act and just your gut in whatever choices or statements you make. Don’t forget that pesky retrograde Mercury working its way through your romance zone, which could lead to some misunderstandings within your relationships.

Mid-way through the week your ruler, Venus, makes a positive connection with Saturn and you may be feeling like things are becoming more stable within your relationships or finances. This feels good, and you do deserve it, so enjoy whatever rewards you are currently reaping.

Jupiter moves into Libra on Friday, where Venus has been hanging around already and brings a surge of positive energy and opportunity for growth and expansion to your day to day life and your work environment. This can signify a time when you will be able to grow within the job you have or when you will actually find a position or occupation that’s a better fit than whatever you are doing currently. Take advantage of whatever opportunities come into your life and run with it!

Over the weekend you will do well to relax and do what makes you happy. Spend some time relaxing and preparing for the week to come!


You start the week out wanting to focus on getting your life organized and accomplishing a lot of little tasks, Gemini. You can tie up some loose ends and make some headway in your life if you put your mind to it, so focus your energies on whatever needs to be done and just do it. It feels easy to be efficient now and you just seem to know what goes where and how to make everything fit.

As the week moves on you will feel most comfortable working with a partner and you aren’t really wanting to spend time alone right now. Jupiter moves into Libra on Friday and into the area of your stars connected with your happiness and good fortune, making the next 12 months a great period in your life. You can start a new relationship, grow one you already have, be lucky in love and find new, fun ways to bring joy into your life. This is an amazing transit for you, so make the most of it!

Over the weekend you’ll be feeling a bit more serious and you’ll want to work on the things within yourself that may need transforming so that you can grow and evolve. You can get closer to those you love and forge deep, long lasting bonds that truly mean something now. Don’t be too serious over the weekend, though. Have a little fun, you definitely deserve it!



You start the week out feeling light hearted and like having she fun, Cancer. You want to spend the with the people who make you the happiest in life and love is bound to be on your mind. As the week progresses you want to get things nice and organized and can be very efficient when it comes to getting things done and accomplished and getting things done gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

As the week moves on, you will find pleasure in the fact that Jupiter will be moving into your home and family sector and with this generous planet does positive energy. There is an expansive nature to Jupiter transits and you may find that you add to your family or household in some way over the next year.

Over the weekend you won’t want to be alone and will be the happiest when you are spending time with those you are closest with. One-on-one relationships can grow now and you will be the most fulfilled when in the company of others.


As the week begins you want to stick close to home, Leo, and you aren’t feeling much like getting out there and doing anything too extravagant. Spending time with loved ones and in the comfort of your own environment is where you want to be, so don’t push yourself too much when it comes to anything else.

As the week moves on you become more sociable and you want to get out there and mingle some. You have a warm and inviting quality about your personality that draws others to you and this makes you the life of any party or get-together. On Friday, Jupiter moves into Libra and the area of your stars connected with your thoughts and how you process information and how you communicate. You can expect to come up with new and inventive ideas over the coming months and you can get a lot out of sharing these thoughts with others.

Over the weekend you find yourself wanting to get a life a bit more organized and you can accomplish a lot of small tasks in a short amount of time. You can get a lot done and will be feeling ready for the week ahead by the end of the weekend.


You start the week out with your thoughts racing from not topic to another, Virgo, and you feel that you’ve got a lot to say. Coming up with plans for the future is easy and you will do well to write these down now, especially since we are still dealing with the whole retrograde Mercury thing. Your thoughts are good and plentiful now, and you don’t want to let them get away from you.

As the week moves along, Jupiter moves into your financial sector and joins Venus here. This is a wonderful transit for you and can kick off one of the most prosperous years you’ll have in a 12-year cycle. The next 12 months mark a time when your earning power will continue to grow, you’ll just want to be cautious to not overspend, as this is also a common occurrence with this particular Jupiter transit.

Over the weekend you want to have some fun and can enjoy your time doing things that make you happy and spending time with people who make you smile. You are always so busy and so focused on work, it’s good to let your hair down and let yourself have a moment to enjoy life.



This is an exciting week for you, Libra, with Jupiter moving into your sign later in the week! To start the week off, you will be feeling deliberate in your thoughts and actions and like focusing your energies on your financial footing and ensuring that you are on the right track. You don’t want to rush anything early on in the week and shouldn’t let anyone push you to do so.

Venus, your ruler, has been in your sign for about a week now, and on Friday Jupiter joins the party. This is a very positive time in the year for you and makes the start of a new cycle of positive luck and fortune. You may be feeling that other people are finding you irresistible right now, and you’d be right about that. Enjoy it, but avoid being lazy, as this is a possibility under this feel-good transiting energy. You can get a lot accomplished that will benefit you in the future, as well as now.

Over the weekend you want to spend time with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home environment.Your social calendar is going to be packed pretty soon, so don’t be afraid to turn down a few invites this weekend. Spend some time relaxing and enjoying the quiet comforts of home.


The week starts out with your energies being pretty high, Scorpio, and you may feel like starting something new that you can work on over the coming weeks. This could be something altogether new, or even something you’ve tried or considered trying the past, but it just didn’t work out before. This time around you can likely find success in whatever endeavors you choose.

As the week moves on, your thoughts slow down and your energy levels will be decreasing a bit. You want to make certain you aren’t rushing into any thoughts or decisions and you feel dedicated to whatever one project you’ve got on your plate at the time. Jupiter moves into Libra on Friday, and into the area of your stars connected to those things in life you don’t readily show to others. You can use this energy to rid your life of the things that are no longer serving you and do a little, much-needed housecleaning.

Over the weekend, your thoughts speed back up a bit and you are feeling more social than usual. You may want to consider spending some time catching up with relatives or perhaps even getting to know your neighbors a little better.


You aren’t feeling much like being out in the spotlight as the week begins, Sagittarius, but you can get a lot accomplished behind the scenes if people will just leave you to your own devices and let you do your thing. Your energy levels aren’t super high and you may feel like resting or napping in the first few days of the week.

As the week moves on, your energy levels soar and you feel like you are reaching a peak for the month. This is probably because you are and you have the Moon briefly in your own sign for a couple of days. Your ruler, Jupiter, moves into Libra on Friday, and into the are of your stars connected with your biggest hopes and dreams. You will be able to get a lot accomplished within a group of like-minded individuals and your humanitarian efforts will impact and prove to be a benefit to more people than you could have previously imagined, as long as you put your mind to whatever goal you have in mind.

Over the weekend you want to relax and spend some time living life at a slower pace. You may find yourself worrying about your own personal financial position, but don’t let this cause you any stress. Enjoy the time you have that you aren’t running at a million miles an hour and prepare your mind for the busy week to come!



The week starts out with you chasing your dreams, Capricorn, but you may find that, in order to do this effectively, you must step outside of those boundaries and comfort zones you have put up around yourself. This can be a bit nerve-wracking at first, but once you start to see the positive results you get for thinking outside the box, the more comfortable you’ll start to feel.

As the week moves on, you’ll be feeling like socializing a bit more than usual and your normally stock manner will feel a bit lightened by Venus making a positive aspect with your ruler, Saturn. Jupiter makes a move into Libra on Friday, and the area of your stars connected with your career and professional life path and you can find yourself making some great leaps in the professional world you love so much. Nothing much is better or more satisfying to you than professional progression and recognition, and you can expect to gain this over the next 12 months in spades.

Over the weekend, you can be feeling a bit more vulnerable than usual, but this is something you’ve likely learned to deal with by now. Your energies are high as the weekend persists and you can get a lot accomplished or start a new project that will find success if you are committed to seeing it through to the end.


You start the week out with your main focus being on career and life goals, Aquarius. You aren’t much for planning way ahead into the future, but everyone needs to have a general plan, at least, and now is the time to work on yours. You’ll be glad you did!

As the week moves on you find your social calendar filling up and you can get more accomplished within a group than you can fly solo. Jupiter moves into fellow Air sign, Libra, on Friday, and into the area in your stars connected with your personal growth and your outlook on life. You can feel your spiritual side growing and your mind is ripe for expansion. Now may be the perfect time to consider going back to school or taking on the task of learning something new over the coming year.

The weekend finds you feeling less like socializing and more like spending some time tending to your own personal needs. You can use this time to recharge your batteries and prepare for the week ahead. You’ve got a lot coming up, so take advantage of a little downtime when you can!


You start the week out feeling pretty positive, Pisces, and like you can take on the world. You are capable of seeing the bigger picture and you want to be able to connect with others on a spiritual level, as well as on an intellectual one.

As the week moves along, you find yourself focusing on your long term plans and your professional goals and plans. Jupiter moves into Libra on Friday, and into the area of your stars connected with personal transformations and growing into the person you know deep down you want and need to be. You can have luck in matters of joint finance in the coming months and may be the recipient of a gift of some great value over the next year.

Over the weekend, you will find yourself the happiest spending time with a group of friends and your social life will be anything but dull. The big plans you have for the future seem so possible now, and you are realizing that, with a little help and support from your people, you really can accomplish anything you set your mind to.